Apply for COVID-19 Relief Fund

Amor por Juarez, in partnership with the Paso del Norte Foundation, will be offering one-time grants in the amount of $500 for artists of all disciplines living in El Paso and Juarez.

To be eligible for a relief grant, applicants must be:

  • Practicing artists able to demonstrate a sustained commitment to their work, careers, and a public audience;
  • Experiencing dire financial emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • 21 years of age or older;
  • Provide a W9 and Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)—we will collect this information after you’ve been notified of your selection;
  • Residing and working in El Paso County for the last two years;
  • Not a full-time employee, board member, director, officer, or immediate family member of any of the coalition partners;
  • Not previously awarded a relief grant from this fund.


    Grant Application

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.

    True. I am eligible.False. I am not eligible.


    This section collects your basic details such as your name and contact. Please note that your name will never be disclosed publicly under any circumstances.

    Mailing Address


    This section focuses on your practice including discipline, biography, and website. We understand that many artists practice between and across fields and are multidisciplinary in nature. We ask that you do your best to select the one discipline in which your work most deeply aligns.

    I have presented, exhibited, performed, or published my workI have been interviewed or had my work reviewed in a publicationI have given an artist talkI have taught in my disciplineI have taught a master classI have sat on a review panelI have completed a residency programI have received a citywide, statewide, or regional arts grant or fundingI am a recipient of a national award, grant, or recognition programOtherNone of the above apply to my disciplineNone of the above


    This section gathers information about the dire financial emergencies you are facing due to COVID-19. We define “dire financial emergencies” as the lack of imminent endangerment of essentials such as housing, medicine, childcare, and food. We are aware that each artist’s needs differ, so ask that you thoroughly and accurately describe your situation.

    Caretaking (unable to afford to care for my dependents, which could include children, elders, or other loved ones)Food (unable to buy groceries)Housing (unable to pay rent or maintain a steady or safe living situation)Medical (unable to procure necessary medications for pre-existing or current conditions)None of the above

    I have lost full-time, part-time, or contract-based work due to COVID-19I am unsure when I will make any income againI have no financial safety net (savings, assets, family resources, etc.)I have unmanageable debtI have medical expenses associated with a diagnosed or suspected case of COVID-19I do not have health insuranceI have a chronic illness or underlying conditionI am over 60 years of ageI am pregnant or my partner is pregnantI am a single parentI am financially responsible for dependents (children, elders, others)My citizenship status puts me at riskI am a refugeeI am a member or direct descendant of an American Indian Tribe, Alaska Native or Native HawaiianI am at elevated risk for a reason not listed hereNone of the above


    By clicking here, I state that the above information is true and correct.