Edgar I. Melendez Chávez


Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez


Edgar Ivan Melendez Chávez, also known as ShackMexicano, born in Cd. Juárez, the oldest of four brothers, is creative by conviction and training, from an early age he discovered his passion and talent in the plastic arts.

He became self-taught, experimenting and dabbling in different techniques such as; urban art, acrylic and oil on canvas, pencil drawing and watercolor.

In 2009 he entered the Autonomous University of Cd. Juárez, training within the creative field and is impacted by the current of urban art (street art) in growing development in his city, he decides to put on hold the Bachelor of Industrial Design. to devote himself fully to his greatest passion; Muralism, urban art, is this current of art that allows him to express his emotions and ideals, although some of the first murals that were captured in the streets of Cd Juárez no longer exist, he is still active every day painting more either commercially or on public roads to continue sharing and communicating through this discipline.