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Amor Por Juarez 4th Annual Auction.

Amor por Juarez will be hosting its 4th Annual Art Auction on December 4th at 7pm in the Sotoa Building located at 500 W Overland in Downtown El Paso, Texas. The purpose of this auction is to raise funds for the operation of its various programs to help the youth of Juarez by leading them away from a path of violence and corruption and instead preparing them to be productive members of the society with a hopeful future. The cost per ticket is a $50 donation, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be provided.

More than 90 art pieces by local established and emerging artists with relations to the artistic and cultural scene in Juarez-El Paso will be auctioned. Among participating artists are: Aideé Lara, Alejandro Morales, Alfredo Espinoza, Appolonia Roldán, Arturo Damasco, Brian Wancho, Briseida Ochoa, Carla Zabalegui, Christian Nassri, El Mac, Fausto Gómez, Francisco Delgado, Gabriel Díaz Villalobos, Gaspar Enriquez, Gloria Castillo, Guillermo Guiraga, Harry Sanchez Jr, Ignacio Mendoza, Jaime Fernández (Tatho), Jason Lucero, Jellyfish, Jesus Cimi Alvarado, Kim Bauer, Laura Turón, Liliana Estrada, Los Dos, Luly Sosa, Luz Galván, Manny Madole, Marco Sanchez, Margarita Cabrera, Miguel A. Aragon, Montse Trejo-King, Paola Rascón, Peter Svarzbein, Philip Ray Ladd, Rachelle Thiewes, Raul Gonzalez III, Ricardo Chavarria, Sarah Mays, Sebastián, Staphany Garnica, Stefan Falke, Suzi Davidoff, Therese Bauer, Thomas Knowles, Tomás Contreras, WERC, Yahir Horey Silva and Zeque Penya.

This event will also serve as a fundraiser to help our sponsored artist Hope Riot get her music out to a national market. She will perform live during the event. Hope Riot is an experimental vocal project born and bred in El Paso, Texas. A blend of hypnotic vocals and heavy bass lines, she takes her inspiration from the local desert landscape and deep culture of our hometown. She has just begun recording a full-length LP at Sonic Ranch in our very own Tornillo, Texas; not only is it the highest quality facility in our region, but also the world’s biggest residential recording studio.

For more information or to purchase your ticket all us at (915) 730-3800 or e-mail us at

Guillermo Guiraga

Visual Artist


2010 Universidad Automoma de Ciudad Juarez MFA in Visual Arts




Guillermo Guiraga is a visual artist residing and working in Ciudad Juarez. In 2010 he was awarded the ICHICULT young artist scholarship by the F.Science project. Some of the themes in his work include: evil, speed, precision, violence, beauty, discipline, horror, frailty, mercy, justice, and gender.
He is part of the Collective Power Animals and Collective Aquelarres: Witchhunters.
His work has been featured in exhibitions such as FICH, “Art Takes Times Square” in NYC, Border color Puebla, Common Spaces, Collective ADP in Zona MACO, MX DF, and Chronography of modern livestock in the State of Chihuahua.
His work has also been shown in The National Institute of Fine Arts, The Paso del Norte Cultural Center, The Skeleton Gallery, AC IMAN Art, ARTEMX, La Quinta Gameros, Casona Spence, Galeria Christinger de Mayo, and El Centro Cultural Spain and Banamex Convention Center.

Los Dos

Mixed Media


Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)


Los Dos is the collaborative work of Ramon and Christian Cardenas. Using screen-printed posters, illustrated and painted characters, the artists with to form a creative dialogue with the city and its people.

Ramon is an El Paso based mixed media artist with a focus in printmaking, photography, and typography and Christian is a Juarez born artist specializing in design and illustration, with a background in textiles and printmaking.

They are active studio and street artists and owners of Maintain Studio. Their approach includes talking, photographing, and sketching the people they interact with on a daily basis or in travels, getting feedback from the community in the process and including it in the final product. They have exhibited work in El Paso as well as throughout Mexico.

Laura Turón



The University of Texas at El Paso BFA double major Graphic Design and Drawing


In 2013, Turón became interested in the concept of time and began drawing counting marks to represent time. The concept comes from the expression “make every second count” which can be perceived in different ways in life.

Being aware of our ephemeral existence in time and question if we are spending our time efficiently, or is life just slipping through our fingers? She explores the idea of how we make our time count in the things that matter. Each mark symbolizes a second and she keeps count of every mark she makes, doing this gives visible form to the idea of “make every second count”. The marks are positioned to create a pattern of an abstract shape as an interpretation of time.


Amor por Juarez 3rd Annual Fundraising Auction, Invitational

The Station Urban Offices, El Paso TX

2013 Amor por Juarez Pop-up Gallery

Chalk the Block, El Paso, TX

2013 Laura Turon: Solo Drawing Exhibition

UTEP Glass Gallery, El Paso, TX

2013 Last Thursdays Solo Exhibition

The Station Urban Offices, El Paso, TX

2013 Biannual Graduating Student Exhibition

Invitational, UTEP Union Gallery, TX

2013 Annual UTEP Juried Student Art Exhibition

2013 Annual UTEP Juried Student Art Exhibition

2013 Tempo: Exploration of Time and Space, solo exhibition

UTEP Glass Gallery. El Paso, TX

2012 Drawing, Printmaking and Art history, Invitational

Chalk the Block, Pop-up Gallery, El Paso, TX

2012 Rock, Paper, Scissors, invitational

Glass Gallery, El Paso, TX

2012 Annual UTEP Juried Student Art Exhibition

Rubin Center, El Paso, TX

2011 Wall Works 3, invitational

Glass Gallery, El Paso, TX

Lisa Skaf



University of Texas at El Paso: Nursing


Lisa was born in El Paso, TX and fell in love with ballet when she was 4 years old when her mother took her to see “Pulcinella”. She was deeply involved with ballet through her childhood and teen years- being awarded positions in various programs throughout the nation. Despite her success, her parents discouraged her from pursuing ballet and because of this she obtained a degree in nursing from UTEP.

In 2006 El Paso no longer had a ballet company and Skaf opened her own, the El Paso City Ballet (EPCB). Being her first time in an administrative position in a ballet company she wrote to her idol Edward Villella seeking guidance for creating and running this company. She attended a lecture by Villella and shortly after became friends. They remain in contact to this day and he is still an adviser to the EPCB.

Christian Nassri



Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez- Industrial Engineering and Systems


Christian Nassri was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in 1982.
He developed a taste for photography as a child. His early works were simple designs of his own photographs and collages, experimenting with Pop Art, among other things. Nassri has participated in several local events and abroad as collective of photography: “Ciudad Juarez being restored”, the exhibition ,” Nextia , photography from another perspective “, ” INSIDEOUT ” . He has also had work in three of Amor por Juarez art auctions.

He has done work for charity through the Carita Foundation. He has also received awards and honorable mentions for: INSIDEOUT Juarez, Ciudad being restored, BodyFit , and Carita Foundation.