About Our Gallery

Opened in December 5th 2014, Juarez Contemporary is the first contempo-rary art gallery with a full-time certified curator in Juarez. This project seeks to promote the exhibitions of both emerging and established artists in the national and international art scene. As well as the creation and promotion of local art, the professionalism of artists, curators, theorists and critics of art and other cultural agents of the border. By cultivating an audience that is interested in contemporary creations, Juarez Contemporary strives to be a key point in the artistic and cultural events in the city.

Juarez Contemporary is open to public admission free
Monday-Friday | 10am-6pm
Located: Calle 20 de noviembre 4305, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Mission: The promotion and integration into the guild art work produced by Consolidated emerging artists, young and who inhabit the border area of ​​Juarez and El Paso through organizing exhibitions and links with galleries, artists , exhibitors, curators . and national and international institutions.

Vision: The Art Gallery aims to promote Love for Juárez projection, inclusion and involvement of emerging artists , young and consolidated at the scene of national and international art project the cultural development and promotion of local art, the professionalization of artists , curators, theorists and critics of art and other cultural agents of the border as well as assist in the formation of a local public prepared to understand, comprehend and recreate in contemporary artistic productions.