Juarez Contemporary

This contemporary art gallery project sought to promote the screening, inclusion and involvement of emerging, young and established artists in the national and international art and cultural scene, the development and promotion of local art, the professionalization of artists, curators, theorists and critics of art and other cultural agents of the border and forming an audience interested in contemporary creations and be a key point in the artistic and cultural events in the town. Opened in December 5th 2014, Juarez Contemporary was the first contemporary art gallery with a full-time certified curator in Juarez. Alejandro Morales graduated with honors with a degree in Theory and Criticism of Art at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (2013).

He has taken seminars and workshops in areas such as Node Center for Curatorial Studies (2014), FLACSO-17 Institute of Critical Studies (2013), Multinational Workshop (2013), University of Chile (2012), Visions of Art (2010) and as various clinical art.