Meet My City

It is a social program that aims to contribute to the cultural education of children under 13 who live in vulnerable areas of Ciudad Juarez. Over a month, the children participate in craft workshops where they learn: important facts of our city, monuments, shield and history. The program consists of four sessions taught by our volunteers and closes with a visit to La Rodadora interactive space.

The methodology of the program is the following:
1 INTRODUCTION.- A group of university trained volunteers are inserted within a selected community; Based in poverty areas of the city.

2. CALL .- During a span of two weeks prior to the program start staffing calls and advertising are done within the population for the community to assist in the sessions.

3. Operation. – The program consists of 4 sessions lasting 4 hrs each. Where the child will be taught through educational and creative workshops different topics. Such as: Civic values , Juarez history and important information about Ciudad Juarez. The main objective is to generate a sense of belonging and roots to our city.
FIRST SESSION Geographical location of Ciudad Juarez. Difference between municipality and municipal chair . Shield of Ciudad Juarez . Final product: apron with the Shield of Ciudad Juarez
SECOND SESSION Important dates in the history of Ciudad Juarez. Final product: Clock with the important dates.
THIRD SESSION Important monuments of Ciudad Juarez and their importance in history. Final product: mobile object with the monuments of the city.
FOURTH SESSION Economic development of Ciudad Juárez, importance of the maquiladora industry internationally through the development of quality industrial products . Final product: organizer
FIFTH SESSION CLOSE La Rodadora Interactive Space The fifth session is planned to take place at the end of the program , by attending the Interactive Space La Rodadora ; considering it is a unique place in our city. The museology of La Rodadora offers us the opportunity to learn in detail the history and background of Juárez. Analyzing it from a natural and social perspective, it is an excellent choice to complement and meet the strategic objectives of the Meet My City program.