Ni En More


NI EN MORE is a Juarez AC an independent non-proft civil organization. They work a scholarship program with women living in vulnerable conditions in different areas of Ciudad Juárez. Once they finish the program, they are supported with infrastructure to open their sewing studios in their colonies

NI EN MORE – WEAR THE FIGHT is a social innovation project merging political activism, fashion and art. Founded by the artists Lise BjorneLinnert (Oslo, Norway) and Jane Terrazas (Juárez, Mexico), along Human Rights activist Veronica Corchado (Juárez, Mexico). The name comes from the blend of the Spanish, Norwegian and English words meaning “Not one more”

At core is a women’s sewing studio in Juárez, Mexico, that offers a safe environment, scholarships, education and sewing training to women living in vulnerable conditions.