At the present time, the organization implements the following social programs:

Meet my City

Meet My City

Meet My City: Juárez is a social program that aims to contribute to the cultural education of children under 13 who live in vulnerable areas of Ciudad Juarez.

Established Amor Por Juarez Artists

Sponsored Artists

With the purpose of expanding cultural products that represent Juarez as a city where the cultural and artistic development is boosted. Amor por Juárez raises funds that are used to finance and sponsor emerging and established artists of Juarez and El Paso. Through an open call (GRANT) projects are received, evaluated and selected by our board members. At the same time, the artists supported by this program are provided with financial assessment and exposure through the organization.

Niños al Arte

Children to Art | DNA

The civic education of children less than 12 years of age in vulnerable zones of Juarez City is contributed through a methodology of craft workshops. During the span of a month, we teach the child with didactic learning techniques, the ethical values of a citizen and the history of Juarez City, with the objective of contributing to the integral formation of the child and generate a love, respect and attachment feeling to our city, the workshops finalize with a visit to the Museo del INBA and to the Espacio Interactivo la Rodadora.


Volunteers #voluntarioaxj

Thanks to the support of university students who join our program #voluntarioaxj Amor por Juarez is able to conduct its activities to support the institutional development of the organization. Volunteers play an important role in Amor por Juarez by participating in our events and even forming part of our staff as implementers of our cultural programs.